Water polo to face two opponents this weekend

The Trojans will take on Long Beach State away and return home for Pepperdine.

Extra Innings: It’s going to be a blowout in Utah’s favor

The loss of senior linebacker Porter Gustin and the possibility of not having senior linebacker Cameron Smith, both due to injury, are not only a significant loss from both a leadership and talent perspective, but also an injustice to the game of football.

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De España para el mundo: Raquel Lázaro sets USC up for success

The freshman moved from Spain to become USC’s starting setter — and she’s thriving.

Women’s volleyball preps to host Arizona schools

The Women of Troy will take on ranked Arizona and Arizona State at home.

Becoming a leader

Junior outside hitter Khalia Lanier is building her own legacy at USC.

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Trojans won’t fail the ’Quizz this Saturday

USC has placed itself in a great position to run the table in the Pac-10 after winning a huge Ohio State game in its second contest of the season. Sound familiar? Well it should. Last year, the Trojans beat the Buckeyes 35-3 in Week 2 at the Coliseum and appeared to have passed their toughest […]

It’s too soon to crown Barkley

As a USC fan, it was alarming. When freshman quarterback Matt Barkley approached the huddle before the Trojans went for the two-point conversion late Saturday night, ESPN announcer Brent Musburger added a little bit of bravado to the already tense situation. “Right before your eyes, you’re watching a freshman grow up tonight, before a record-setting […]

USC’s schedule pays off for now

No matter how hard Pete Carroll tries to turn the focus forward to the upcoming game against Washington, Saturday’s classic against Ohio State might be the only thing USC fans talk about for some time. The tilt between top-10 teams was a rarity on a number of levels. Earlier in the fall, Carroll mused on […]

Barkley comes of age before our eyes

Matt Barkley has officially relinquished the title of freshman. With the game on the line in just his second collegiate game, in front of perhaps the loudest crowd he will ever face, Barkley’s play was not that of a teenager. His numbers weren’t spectacular. His missed opportunities were plenty. But for the defining drive that […]

USC should just keep it classy this weekend

LaGarrette Blount. Many of you know him as the man who, last weekend, threw the best punch on a blue field in history. But once you get past how that one punch that connected with Boise State defensive end Byron Hout’s jaw right made watching that slow game worth it, the reality of the situation […]