Ask Hahney: What’s the point of USG Elections?

  Dear (Hopefully) Young Reader, First, please go register to vote in your state if you haven’t yet. Beyond the USG elections, please vote for issues that directly affect your hometown, home state, federal government, etc. Political apathy does not sit pretty. Now, back to the question at hand — USG Elections. I’m going to […]

Ask Hahney: Groups are Limiting

  Q: I don’t feel like I belong to any particular friend group. What should I do? Quite frankly, I think groups are limiting. When people situate themselves in a “friend group,” they may neglect potential new friendships that could change the course of their lives. Dramatic, I know. But, I do think we often […]

Ask Hahney: End of Semester Blues

As the semester begins to wind down, I’ve taken some time off of writing weekly articles for this column. And I wanted to return with this piece… to simply talk. The last few weeks have been hard. Donald Trump’s win was very frustrating for me. My school workload picked up, and I’ve been so exhausted […]

Ask Hahney: Transferring & Friends

Q: I transferred here this semester as a junior and I feel like it’s very difficult to integrate into USC’s culture. Any advice? Over the last four years that I’ve been at USC, I can’t say that I understand USC’s culture. Therefore, it’s hard for me to touch upon how you can integrate into it. […]

Ask Hahney: Overbearing Parents

Q: How do I deal with overbearing parents? Ahhh, when you finally leave the nest… It can be hard… especially on your parents. First, if you have parents who support you… in any and/or all capacities, please remember to thank them. They’re probably just checking in on you (every hour or so) because they care. […]

Ask Hahney: Drunk Truths & How to Approach Them

I have a friend who is very good at masking her emotions with a smile. One day, we got drunk and she revealed a lot of hardship in life. When I followed up after some time, she pretended like nothing was wrong. I am worried about her, but I don’t want to press her too […]

Ask Hahney: Networking

Q: Do you have any advice for networking with internship coworkers and professors in a meaningful way? Thanks! — Shy and struggling “Trojan family, trojan family, trojan family!!” If you didn’t hear this phrase more than 34647132 times during orientation, perhaps you were at a different school’s. USC has one of the strongest alumni networks I’ve ever […]

Ask Hahney: Developing Confidence

Q: What are your pieces of advice for developing confidence? A: This answer sucks to write but sometimes developing confidence takes time. Very few people are born confident. Confidence doesn’t occur overnight. There will also be days when you feel less confident, days when you feel overconfident, and certainly days when you’re unsure of what […]

Ask Hahney: Financial Hardships

Q: I am going through a tough financial time where I’m struggling to pay for college while working as many shifts as I can, and my ends still aren’t meeting. I don’t want to leave school with student loans piled on my back, but at the same time I can’t afford to stay at college even […]

Ask Hahney: Procrastination Woes

Q: Confession: I am the biggest procrastinator ever. How can I keep on track and be productive without the crazy crunch time anxiety? Ahhh the good ol’ balance between procrastination and productivity. The journey of every college student … and the theme song of my life. If you’re trying to keep all of your tasks […]