Republicans need to revise message

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took an unconventional route to rebutting last week’s inaugural address by President Barack Obama when he called his very own Republican Party “the stupid party.” In a speech given at the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting in Charlotte, N.C. on Thursday, Jindal outlined a seven-part plan for the Republican Party moving […]

US needs softer immigration plan

In 2008, The New York Times reported the story of Hiu Lui Ng, a 34-year-old New Yorker who died while in custody of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Though the Times’ coverage of Ng’s death was largely an investigation into the conditions and medical care allotted to detained individuals, the question of why Ng […]

NDAA section ban defends civil liberties

The public uproar earlier this year over unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act pushed Congress to pass Amendment 3018 last Thursday, banning a key provision of the NDAA that authorized indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Despite partisan shortcomings, Congress has shown that it can rally members of both parties to prevent the abridgement […]

Point/Counterpoint: Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012

Elena Kadvany: Point In 1972, the political term “October surprise” was coined. Twelve days before the presidential election between former president Richard Nixon and then-Sen. George McGovern, then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger announced that “peace was at hand” in Vietnam, changing the game on a crucial election issue that might have swayed many voters’ decisions […]

What Trojan political groups say

Barack Obama has worked to help Americans, no matter the opposition When I was 12-years-old, a cardiologist told my father that his life depended on the replacement of multiple heart valves. A little more than a year later, my mother was given a similar diagnosis by a cancer specialist, and was told that a mastectomy […]

Young voters look to buck trend

As polls continue to report a drop in interest among young voters, the atmosphere on college campuses like USC speaks to a different trend. “You’re voting for Romney?” an outraged Kevin Li yelled across Trousdale Parkway. “No way man, Obama all the way!” “Hey, Romney’s pretty damn good!” his friend Bernie Yang volleyed back. Though […]