Out with the old, in with the new

Maybe it was just me, but during this past school year, classes sure seemed like a drag, especially with papers, tests and multiple projects piled up the size of the Eiffel Tower in my apartment’s not-nearly-big-enough kitchen. It really seemed like there was no end in sight. But there is always hope at the end […]

Madness needs not be extended beyond 65

Explain to me again why expanding the NCAA tournament is a good idea. Because it’s not. Plain and simple, it just doesn’t make any sense. There are those who say more is always better. But when it comes to the tournament, less is more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that the current […]

Intrigue and change characterize break

Winter break is over. It’s sad, but it’s true. Now, it’s back to the daily grind of classes, homework, internships and jobs. It may not seem like it’s been that long since you’ve been on campus — in reality, it’s only been a few weeks. But in that short time, a lot has happened in […]