Obama College Prep must consider location

In some cities, the high school you attend can determine a lot about your trajectory in life. This was definitely the case in my hometown of Chicago. On Thursday, I was one of the excited Chicagoans who received news that my hometown would be adding another highly ranked high school to its list of selective-enrollment […]

Questions abound after ruling on union

On a recent exam in my sports business class, we were asked to answer only one question on the entire test: What would happen if student-athletes were paid? Though the actual prompt was a little more nuanced, that was the gist of it. My answer was — and is — that it would be logistically […]

Chicago violence deserves media attention as well

It’s been nearly two months since the events of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place. Since then, those across all forms of media have dissected the story from every possible angle — composing and recomposing the narrative of events so as to help make sense of such a vile and surreal act. […]

Females stand out in latest Chicago production

“Hello, suckers!” cries Terra C. MacLeod’s sultry Velma Kelly at the beginning of Chicago’s second act. She’s speaking, of course, to us, the audience, and we chuckle because we know she’s right. Chicago — in ways far slinkier and shadier than we might originally think or expect — makes suckers of us all, and it’s […]