Media fails to bring credible sources to discussion on Islam

Islam has been the subject of recent debate, and even Hollywood heavyweights have started to partake in the discussion. Last Friday, Gone Girl star Ben Affleck appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher alongside author Sam Harris, The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and politician and MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele, during which Affleck […]

School stabbing should not detract from gun control efforts

On Wednesday, 16-year-old Alex Hribal rampaged through the hallways of Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pa. with two kitchen knives in hand and stabbed 21 of his fellow classmates and a security officer before being tackled to the ground by assistant principal Samuel King, according to Reuters. Though some have made the argument […]

Clubs need to update safety regulations

In the early hours of Sunday morning, at least 235 young adults lost their lives in a fire at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil. Tears have been shed, but from the ashes, an opportunity to create a safer, more civil, less rule-bending community should be salvaged — not just at the club, but […]

Should the US intervene in global human rights?

Citizens have the responsibility to intervene in other countries in order to ensure rights for all.   As many 17-year-olds in the United States enjoyed the luxury of a formal education, Sri Lankan teenager Rizana Nafeek traveled from her homeland in 2005 to Saudi Arabia to serve as a maid. Though practically just a child herself, […]

CNN should answer for its inappropriate hormones story

After seven hours of backlash Wednesday, CNN took down an online article suggesting a relationship between women’s hormones and their voting patterns. While the story was both offensive and scientifically unsound, CNN should not have removed it. The network should own up to all of the news it posts—even poor stories—in order to maintain its […]