Junior day means more than you think

The phrase “junior day” isn’t likely to ring a bell in most people’s minds, regardless of their allegiance to the game of college football. That’s because, to the uninformed eye, the event seems to be little beyond a bunch of eager high schoolers checking out a university campus. But it’s much more than that. On […]

Marquee signings mean little for 2012

For a lot of college football fans, Wednesday was the beginning of a new season. Yes, signing day often signifies the start of greatness or the start of a downward trend for teams, whether they play in the SEC, the Big-10 or the Pac-12. Signing day has become a nationwide phenomenon. ESPNU started its coverage […]

Led by Trojans, Pac-12 is resurging

Over the past six seasons, one idea has been ingrained in many college football fans’ minds: the South Eastern Conference is far and away the best national conference. To be honest, if one were to take a cursory glance, it would not seem like much of a stretch. The past six national champions have all […]

Early schedule tough to swallow

Hi. My name is Dave and I love cupcakes. (This is the interactive part of the column, where you collectively and cheerfully reply “Welcome, Dave.”) OK, so there might not be such a thing as Cupcakes Anonymous, but if there were, I would be without a doubt one of its cornerstone members. One look at […]