COLUMN: Artists don’t have to be good people

It almost feels like a personal betrayal when an artist does something out of character. You think you have come to know them, their quirks and the style of music, but then they do something completely foreign to their personality. Take Drake for example. He recently dropped More Life, a “playlist” that broke streaming records […]

COLUMN: Femininity is used as grounds to disrespect female leaders

Last week, a Northwestern Law School professor and a student released some unsurprising research about interruptions among Supreme Court justices through the years. “Even though female justices speak less often and use fewer words than male justices, they are nonetheless interrupted during oral argument at a significantly higher rate,” the study read. To be precise, […]

COLUMN: Girls is not the same show it used to be

I will admit: I used to be a fan of Girls. In its early days, the series was honest, messy and relentless, unlike any show about women I had seen or have yet to see. Despite the show’s many flaws, I continue to point to it as the first series I’ve watched that reflects young womanhood […]

COLUMN: Tri-nation World Cup is exciting prospect

On Monday, the soccer federations of Mexico, Canada and the United States unveiled a plan for an unprecedented bid — a proposition for a joint hosting between three countries for the 2026 World Cup. It’s always a risky move to propose something that’s never been done before. On one hand, this proposal could be the […]

COLUMN: Faith and identity can be conflicting

Though I still have qualms about the Catholic Church and its ideological stance against the LGBTQ community, I now realize that my faith and beliefs shouldn’t be defined by what people tell me is right or wrong.