COLUMN: Tourney finalists a blueprint for Trojans

Another March Madness is in the books as the college basketball season wraps up Monday night with a championship matchup of perennial powerhouses: North Carolina and Gonzaga. While it is a bit disappointing that the Pac-12 isn’t represented in the final tilt, West Coast basketball will be represented with the Zags. Hopefully, Gonzaga will be […]

COLUMN: Love can be expressed differently

My parents rarely said “I love you” to each other — or even to me, their only child. Even now, when those three seemingly holy words slip out of my mouth, they sound foreign, strange and unsure. From a young age, I was never taught the word “love” — rather, I experienced it through actions, […]

COLUMN: We cannot succumb to political complacency

In January, as a response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, millions of people around the world joined forces to march for women’s and human rights, descending on cities from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to London in a flurry of passion and activism.  Millennials, who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, made their presence […]

COLUMN: Oakland’s move is a betrayal of its fanbase

If it seems like I’ve written this column before, it’s because I have — twice. When the St. Louis Rams moved to Los Angeles last year, I said it was a bad idea. When the San Diego Chargers also relocated to the City of Angels earlier this year, I said the same. I’m going to […]

COLUMN: With health bill failure, Obama legacy remains

Lily Vaughan

The political reports of late have often brought news that, at best, can be reduced to a heavy sigh — and at worst, a minor heart attack. However, for Democrats, independents, moderate Republicans and other generally sane individuals everywhere, March 24 was a glorious day: Moments before it was about to hit the (killing) floor, […]

COLUMN: Tinder dates need to learn that casual is not disposable

My housemate Amanda came home from her first date with Austin, a physician’s assistant she met on Tinder, with a crazy story to tell. He’d been weird the whole night, she said. Dinner was awkward. He was goofy — and not in the way she was looking for. He would chuckle like a cartoon character. […]