REVIEW: Beck concert unites Los Angeles community

“I’m a loser, baby / so why don’t you kill me?” This refrain, from Beck’s 1993 hit “Loser,” was a memorable lyric from the artist’s concert last Friday at the Hollywood Palladium. Beck’s claim of being a “loser” may seem strange today — 24 years after writing this song as a homeless musician, he has […]

Grouplove delivers unifying, feel-good show at Palladium

Christian Zucconi is Grouplove’s main vocalist and guitarist, as well as a New York City native. Though he is attached to his hometown music scene, Zucconi had to acknowledge the high energy of both the group and the crowd on Friday night at the Hollywood Palladium. “Tonight, L.A. has it over New York,” Zucconi said. […]

Phantogram rocks Hollywood with new sound

Rising in the charts since their 2014 performance at USC, Phantogram made their way back to Los Angeles to perform a sold-out show at the Hollywood Palladium Tuesday evening. The band performed alongside opener The Range, an experimental electronic DJ hailing from Pennsylvania. Phantogram is an alternative pop duo from Saratoga Springs, New York, formed […]

Oh Wonder amazes audience in sold-out show

On Sept. 28, 2015, Oh Wonder performed their first-ever American show to a crowd of just under 250 people. Exactly one year later, the duo performed a sold-out show Wednesday at The Wiltern to a crowd of over 2,300. It is crazy the difference a year can make — that was a big theme of […]

Alternative band Foals delivers captivating performance

While Oxford is most known for the birthplace of rock legend Radiohead, the city recently gave birth to a fresh, alternative rock band — Foals. The band graced the stage at the Hollywood Palladium Tuesday evening, performing a lively and unforgettable show. With sounds very similar to the Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and Arcade Fire, […]