Lightning in a Bottle expects to celebrate their 10 year anniversary this Memorial Weekend

If you’re already having withdrawals after experiencing the Do Lab stage at Coachella this year, fear not, this power house production team is feverishly preparing for their annual festival, Lightning in a Bottle, coming this May. Lightning in a Bottle focuses on music, art, spirituality, all while being the most eco-friendly festival in America. The […]

Fashion drives rave music culture

We’ve all seen the scare-tactic videos that warn people against “out-of-control” rave dances: Grainy footage taken from a small camera hidden in a bag, blurred-out faces of teenagers in an underground cave somewhere in the middle of God-knows-where, doing drugs to the point of death, strobe lights flashing and sex happening right in the middle […]

Swedish House Mafia bids farewell with tour, Until Now

Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello, otherwise known as Swedish House Mafia, are calling it quits, as most people have heard by now. Since making the announcement, the trio released its second and final full-length album, titled Until Now on Oct. 22 with EMI Records. The group’s first album, called Until One, was released in 2010. If […]

Pop stars incorporating electronic music, losing persona

I first heard “Hey Baby Baby” with T-Pain on the chorus at a party near campus last semester. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 30 or enjoy pop music, you’ve probably heard the song, too. It might be “old” in most pop listeners’ ears, but it’s still catchy. It’s a senseless yet danceable […]

Importance of scores and soundtracks often overlooked

Imagine Inception or The Social Network without a soundtrack. Inception would be a slow-moving, boring film with too many Leonardo DiCaprio close-ups, and Jesse Eisenberg and Co.’s fast-paced whines would be much more audible, and thus annoying, in The Social Network. Both of those movies feature intense, prominent and well utilized scores, and both were […]