COLUMN: Tinder dates need to learn that casual is not disposable

My housemate Amanda came home from her first date with Austin, a physician’s assistant she met on Tinder, with a crazy story to tell. He’d been weird the whole night, she said. Dinner was awkward. He was goofy — and not in the way she was looking for. He would chuckle like a cartoon character. […]

COLUMN: A summer without dating teaches valuable life skills

I lived alone for a month last May. I was impressed with myself because I kept the apartment impeccably clean. Having no other people there made me feel accountable for each crumb or shirt off a hanger. I didn’t have much to do while my friends were out of town. Cleaning the apartment kept me busy […]

COLUMN: Hookups don’t heal love’s old wounds

Turkey Dump is a term we threw around as college freshmen to describe the distinct phenomenon of high school sweethearts breaking up over Thanksgiving break. I watched Hallie and her boyfriend in Santa Barbara crash and burn a few weeks before, and Liv dumped her boyfriend from Oregon a few weeks before that. Then, as […]

Column: Valentine’s, Undefined

Josh had a weekly radio show and was part of a touring improv troupe. I had his name saved in my phone with the octopus emoji. When I think of him, I often picture him telling me he knew how to do a gun trick straight out of an old Western film. I cringed at […]

COLUMN: I was taught yes or no, not pain or pleasure

I got boobs when I was nine and my first kiss when I was 16. My body was a woman long before I was. I had a revolving door of crushes, and not much else, from fifth through tenth grade. My friends were largely in the same boat. While our peers were out smoking in the […]