Myspace updates website to attract users

Just when everyone thought Myspace was dead and gone, the social network site launched a new version of Myspace: Myspace. Although the name for the upgraded Myspace has not changed at all, the website has a completely different design. Deviating from its old blue and orange layout, Myspace is now sleek and – dare I […]

End of Ping a necessary sacrifice for Apple

We are all aware of Apple’s flawless track record when it comes to creating new gadgets. Their web services, however, have not fared quite so well. Now, with the demise of the company’s social media experiment, Ping, Apple is finally acknowledging its own deficiencies. In choosing to integrate with preexisting social networks Facebook and Twitter […]

Romantic rejection leads to bright future

At this time of year, your summer glows are fading, the world is getting colder — like to 75 degrees — and the trees are letting go of their leaves and exposing their bare souls. It’s October, and change is certainly in the air. It’s OK to be afraid of this change. You’re at the […]

Launchfest should have better publicized Christian mission

Last week’s Christian concert series, dubbed Launchfest, received a phenomenal wave of support on campus. According to the Daily Trojan, “More than 1,000 people RSVPed on the Facebook event and the crowd size at Tommy Trojan reached 400 people in midday heat.” Yet, the lack of advertising for the religious mission meant some people undoubtedly […]

Students should appreciate iPhones

The iPhone 5 has officially arrived on campus. Many students have their new toys on display in classrooms and dining halls, some still with the protective plastic wrap in place. Students with the “old” iPhone 4 are debating the relative merits of the new model. But what about those students with no iPhone at all? […]