Romances that capture the comedy and tragedy of love

The new film Valentine’s Day, which opens today, offers audiences “a day in the life of love,” but, as most could easily predict, the film will not be offering anything new. Most Hollywood films about romance tend toward the same dull conventions of narrative and form — as is the case with Valentine’s Day. This […]

The top films you didn’t see in 2009

There have been a lot of good films this past year, from the critically lauded (The Hurt Locker), to the summer blockbusters (Star Trek). But then there were also films you didn’t see. And since the DVDs are out, here’s a list of films for your next trip to Netflix or Blockbuster. Endgame South Africa […]

Wild Things has indie cred, not nostalgia

Saying this won’t halt any productions, but I wish Hollywood would stop co-opting my childhood to turn a profit. Coming soon to a theater near you is a slate of board game and action figure-based movies inspired by the success of Transformers and G.I. Joe — which if you haven’t heard about, gaze ye upon […]

Disney hits a snag after chairman resigns

Mickey surely lost one of his friends last Friday in the rotund Dick Cook. Much to Hollywood’s complete surprise, Cook, a proud USC alumnus, resigned as chairman of Walt Disney Studios.