Scandinavian food grows in popularity in US

If it’s true that the Danes live to eat, the Norwegians eat to live and the Swedes eat to drink, then it must also be said that Americans eat to experience other cultures. And it is with fervor that the restaurant industry has attached itself to the cultures of Scandinavia. It’s not unprecedented. The food […]

Cookbooks experience growth spurt

This time of year can be a rainy, awkward transitional period, one that comes months after winter holidays and months before the sunny, beach-filled days of summer. No distinct feature or holiday elicits universal happiness and celebration. But for whatever reason, now is a popular time for cookbook releases. A few weeks ago, this column […]

Animal rights groups shouldn’t push veganism

What does the typical vegan look like? You might imagine a hemp-clad hippie or a willowy celebutante. In recent years, however, the vegan movement has gained some unusual participants, such as metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and former boxer Mike Tyson. There’s also a subset of body builders, the subject of a Jan. 4 article in […]

New law impedes growth of food truck industry

Food trucks are lovely things. Normal restaurants are usually more well-regarded than food trucks because of their stability, but these trucks are much more accessible because of their ability to move. Migrating from sidewalk to sidewalk and offering a variety of cuisines, food trucks are a surging industry in Los Angeles. Just walk along the […]

Branding extends to products, cookbooks

Anyone with a genuine passion for food keeps a list of dream restaurants. If you love food, New York’s Momofuku Ko, Berkeley’s Chez Panisse and Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm are all gastronomic temples to which you’ve probably longed to pilgrimage. And if you’ve never heard of these restaurants, you will soon. That’s because these are three […]