Saving cash and eating healthy

College students sometimes get a bad reputation for being freebie whores. USC might be half-jokingly referred to as the University of Spoiled Children, but that does not mean that students don’t have their scrimping moments, especially after storming through a big blowout sale at The Grove. The free samples at Yogurtland are nice, but visiting […]

More to Korean street food than taco trucks

Thanks to the influx of the popular Korean-fusion food truck Kogi and its imitators, an Angeleno is most likely to think of sesame seed-sprinkled beef on corn tortillas when talking about “Korean street food.” Obviously, street food takes a different scene in the actual streets of Korea. Instead of the rumbling, Twitter-savvy, colorful trucks that […]

To cure what ails you, check out your pantry

When they say you shouldn’t medicate with food, what they really mean is that you shouldn’t medicate with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. In reality, your grocery store can be a go-to spot for many common ailments. People have battled hangovers since we discovered hops, and PMS is in no way a […]

Diets are costly in more than one way

Yuan Tao, a sophomore majoring in psychology, clutched a carton of eggs as she perused the refrigerated section at Superior Grocers in the University Village. A resident of Webb Tower, she sometimes finds the time to cook, spending about $100 a month to do so. But as she adjusted the eggs in the crook of […]