USC must step up online curriculum

A growing number of USC undergraduates come from outside of Southern California. To catch up on units or to ease the course load during the school year, many students opt for summer school. Many of those students, however, prefer not to stay in Los Angeles to attend USC summer classes, but getting USC to accept […]

Skull and Dagger pranks need to have limits

Depending on who you ask, last Wednesday’s Skull and Dagger prank was either hilarious or mean-spirited and tasteless. According to a Daily Trojan online poll, students are essentially divided over whether the prank was upsetting or commendable — 35 percent of voters thought the prank was great, and 17 percent disapprove. A Facebook event created […]

Smoke-free campus must become reality

Here’s a question: What do the entrance of Leavey, the area near Trojan Grounds and the courtyard of VKC have in common? If you answered “a frequent haze of cigarette smoke,” give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. Or rather — don’t. We should be ashamed USC still permits smoking on campus. Even with […]

Student input is a healthy ingredient

Now that Trojan Grounds has returned to its usual 24-hour operations, it seems USC Hospitality’s attempts to make amends have temporarily mollified the student body. Of course, some students will still complain about the limited options in Everybody’s Kitchen, blanch at the prohibitive prices at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. But overall, USC Hospitality has […]

JEP pays greater dividends than grade boost

Possibly one of the most beloved community service programs on campus, the Joint Educational Program is a service-learning program that more than 2,000 USC students participate in annually. Students can become Project Read and Math mentors, work in shelters, or work with foster care children. The most popular division is teaching, where  students can participate […]

Finding USC’s next Renaissance man

Last Wednesday, Professor of Polymathy Sidney Harman boldly proclaimed that he would “contaminate the entire university” at the inaugural event for the Academy of Polymathic Study. The event marked the creation of one of the few institutions of polymathic study across the United States. Polymaths are people who live the Renaissance ideal; They are proficient […]

Mental health services need refocusing

USC  often shows great concern for the well-being of its students, but the university seems to have focused mainly on physical health and neglected to consider students’ mental health, which has been a growing concern at colleges across the United States. According to “The American Freshman: National Norms” Fall 2010 annual survey, freshmen emotional health […]

Research opportunities at our disposal

Anyone interested in meeting E.T.? Randolph Hall, vice president of research at USC, announced Tuesday that USC has partnered with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, Calif. According to a faculty memo, this affiliation will “enable joint research projects by USC and SETI Institute Scientists, and student internships for USC students.” This […]