Is military withdrawal from Afghanistan the right choice?

Removing more than half of America’s troops from Afghanistan will allow the government to focus on other matters. Tuesday night, in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced the withdrawal of 34,000 American troops from Afghanistan. Though the decision comes with concerns, drawing down the number of American troops in Afghanistan is […]

What are the biggest misconceptions about the candidates?

During Tuesday’s presidential debate, audience member Barry Green raised a unique question: As we approach the election, what are the biggest misconceptions associated with each candidate? Neither candidate broke any new ground — they used Green’s question as an opportunity to reiterate some of their central campaign points — but the question remains relevant, particularly […]

Anti-intellectualism damaging in politics

Ideology aside, I can see why many Americans find Rick Santorum relatable. He presents himself as the underdog. He wears a sweater vest. He called himself the candidate you’d bring home to mom. But a close look at his statements should frighten anyone who values education. On Jan. 10, Santorum called President Barack Obama an […]

Clean Energy Not A Means for Job Creation Today

If you’ve watched but one State of the Union address, you know the formula for every yearly installment of the speech given within recent significant political history.  Large issues the President perceives as most pressing – recently, issues like defense and the economy – come first.  Issues the President deems less “doable” or significant come […]