America should learn from Cuban education

In the aftermath of a historic election, the debate about how much power the federal government should be given, particularly in terms of education, will always be present in the United States. With a communist political system, Cuba’s government maintains complete authority and control over social and political issues. While the United States would never […]

Clinton has best plan regarding student debt relief

Three thousand dollars in student debt is accrued every second in the United States, and the average total amount by the time students graduate is about $37,000. In the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign, and among other divisive issues like immigration reform or taxes, a pressing issue rests in the minds of many college […]

Dual immersion can improve learning ability

Proposition 58 is one of the most important education initiatives on this election cycle’s ballot. It would allow school districts to create dual immersion programs. Proposition 58 would replace Proposition 227, which currently mandates that English is the only language allowed to be used in classrooms, besides foreign language courses. Proposition 227 required English Language […]

Citizens should vote to secure education funds

Proposition 55 is a step in the right direction for returning education in California to pre-recession funding levels. Entitled the Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare Initiative Constitutional Amendment, it extends the temporary personal income tax increases (enacted in 2012 on earnings over $250,000 for single filers, or over $340,000 for heads of household) […]

ESSA proposes a better alternative to testing

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, students, schools and teachers have all been graded by student standardized test scores — despite the fact that studies have not been able to demonstrate conclusively that such a system is effective in increasing achievement. Schools should not measure teachers based on how students perform on exams. As […]

USC and Foshay exemplify beneficial outreach program

The gap between low-income and high-achieving can be closed with just a little thought and care on behalf of a successful program. The relationship between Foshay Learning Center and USC is one that other universities should seek to emulate. Foshay sent more students to USC this fall than any other public or private high school […]

States should control education standards

A new California law requiring students to be up-to-date on vaccinations before enrolling in public schools was put into place July 1, and this school year is the first to witness its implementation. This need for children who attend public school to be vaccinated is an example of the state interceding in local authority for the […]

Assault prevention needs to begin earlier

Countless sexual assault cases have been in the news recently, especially those which lead to university investigations and Title IX violations. The problems that have been high-profile in the campus sexual assault arena are not only issues that exist within higher education, but are  also prevalent within our general society. Little has been done to […]

Standardized testing spotlights inequality

Each year, students in California public schools sit to take the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress exam, which determines how prepared students are for college. Those test scores were just recently released, and while students in the Los Angeles Unified School District scored better on this year’s state standardized test than last year’s, […]

Admissions should prize public service

This past January, Harvard University published a report detailing the cultural message received by high school students that personal success is more important than concern for community service, involvement and a genuine interest in helping other people. When it comes to applying for college, concern for the common good and other people is drowned out […]