Oscars bring the best fashions to the table

Apparently, the Super Bowl is a big deal. Now, I do the parties, the cheering and eating and screaming, but, honestly, the outcome of the Super Bowl has no effect on my life whatsoever. And apparently, the NBA’s Finals are also a big deal. Again, I’m a good sport — but a good sport who […]

Django controversy swells as Oscars approach

High-level award ceremonies often harbor serious controversy, and this year’s Academy Awards will once not be an exception. Refreshing the century-long debate incepted by Mark Twain with “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” about the use of the “n-word” in literature, Quentin Tarantino’s fantastically violent “Django: Unchained” has proven to be a heavy source of debate […]

Golden Globes do not foreshadow Oscars

Though many people typically perceive the upcoming Golden Globe Awards to foreshadow the results of the Oscars, recent trends indicate that the Golden Globes maintain more of an influential affect on the Oscars rather than a foretelling one. When the Globe announcements are complete, there are still several weeks remaining before the Oscar polls close, […]

Oscar contenders are predictable choices

Out of all the award shows in existence, the Oscars is probably the most anticipated. Yet the announcement of the 83rd annual Academy Award nominations last week came about just as critics predicted, with only a few, not very notable exceptions. Winter’s Bone filled what some saw as the wild card slot in the 10-film […]

Upcoming Golden Globes shows very questionable taste

If the Academy Awards is the mother of all film award shows, the Golden Globes is the rebellious daughter. The awards show, airing this Sunday on NBC at 5 p.m. PT, has gained the reputation of being the “fun show” of award season. It’s the first major award show of the year and also the […]