How To: Adopt the Law of Attraction

I’m going to give you a very fair (and ironically very serious) heads up before you read this week’s article: I am going to sound like a flowers-in-the-hair-wheatgrass-drinking-hippie … and that’s okay! Maybe I am a wheatgrass-drinking fanatic — you’ll never know. What really matters here is your attitude. The law of attraction is a […]

How To: Quit Sugar

Most of us are aware that sugar (defined, in this case, as refined or added sugar) is far from ideal for our health. However, the extent to just how badly refined sugar affects our health (mental, emotional, physical) is vastly and scarily unknown. I’m not going to go into the physical effects of sugar here […]

How To: Be a Morning Person

For most of us, morning people are like being professional athletes. We wish we were disciplined/motivated/energetic/alive enough to be one, but we just aren’t, end of story. “I’m not a morning person” — commonly said by you, me, him, her, your next door neighbor, my dog, your cat, everyone, ever. That said, without being cheesy […]

How To: Stay Healthy and Fit This Semester

Now that the new semester is well and truly in full swing (midterms, what?), getting a grip on your health and fitness goals is becoming increasingly a priority. Whether your goals for the semester are to lose those last 10 pounds, get fit, run a half-marathon or simply feel better in your own skin, you […]