COLUMN: Faith and identity can be conflicting

Though I still have qualms about the Catholic Church and its ideological stance against the LGBTQ community, I now realize that my faith and beliefs shouldn’t be defined by what people tell me is right or wrong.

Trojans still hungry to figure out their identity

You’d never know it, but USC is three games into its football season. So that explains the guys in white and cardinal playing on ESPN Saturday against Minnesota. And those same guys jubilantly singing “Fight On” afterward — I guess those must have been Trojans. Still, three games into the season, I can’t help but […]

Who am I? Let the identity crises begin

Your unique identity is the only thing that can never be taken away from you. Even if it turns out you can’t find a job after college to pay off your tuition loans, even if you end up homeless on the streets around campus with all of your dreams dead and only a buck in […]

Carroll’s departure creates identity crisis

“USC sucks!” “The giant has been slain!” “You guys are fast-paced downhill now!” By now, we’ve heard our fair share of taunts from Westwood and beyond. Why do these comments hurt so much? Why am I so offended? At the University of Southern California, the student body is drawn from a variety of different backgrounds. […]