Cinematographer Wally Pfister helming feature film debut

Wally Pfister, the cinematographer who has established himself for his crisp, clean visuals, is planning on switching over into directing  feature films this year. The acclaimed cinematographer has had a close collaboration with visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan, and the duo have thus far paired together for seven films, which include Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The […]

Memes show information overload

As Leonardo DiCaprio states in Inception, “once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate.” A defining part of human history has been the sharing of ideas. It’s how knowledge spreads and how modern culture emerged. But in recent years, idea-sharing has gone from slow diffusion of concepts to rapid, […]

Importance of scores and soundtracks often overlooked

Imagine Inception or The Social Network without a soundtrack. Inception would be a slow-moving, boring film with too many Leonardo DiCaprio close-ups, and Jesse Eisenberg and Co.’s fast-paced whines would be much more audible, and thus annoying, in The Social Network. Both of those movies feature intense, prominent and well utilized scores, and both were […]

Oscar contenders are predictable choices

Out of all the award shows in existence, the Oscars is probably the most anticipated. Yet the announcement of the 83rd annual Academy Award nominations last week came about just as critics predicted, with only a few, not very notable exceptions. Winter’s Bone filled what some saw as the wild card slot in the 10-film […]

Hollywood has hard time staying hushed

Writer-director Christopher Nolan has been very busy since the release of his blockbuster The Dark Knight two years ago — so busy in fact that most haven’t a clue as to what his next project, Inception, is actually about. Even the film’s trailer, which was released online a few months ago, does little to unravel […]