eReaders refocus on critical reading skills

In honor of National Reading Month, this week retail giant offered a $20 discount on all Kindle models, slashing the price of the basic model to just $49. I used to think the Kindle was an idiotic device, or, at best, something you could read while holding a snifter in the other hand. With […]

Comics adapt to revolutionary digital age

Like many other old school mediums, comic books are being forced to adapt to the digital age. In the last year, comics have jumped onto the digital bandwagon rather than just awkwardly putting one foot in. The major companies have adopted day and date digital releases, meaning all readers get their issues at the same […]

Kindle set to fire up the tablet market

On Sept. 28, Amazon launched its much-anticipated tablet. Christened Kindle Fire, the 7-inch tablet is priced at $199 and is available for pre-order, with delivery Nov. 15. Amazon has also significantly modified its kindle line of e-reader devices, with 6-inch non-touch B&W Kindle e-reader now available for $79, and the Kindle Touch ad-supported version for […]

No happy ending for Phone Story app

This week Apple banned from its store the iPhone application Phone Story just three days after its release. The game depicts a cartoon character working through the realistic and often unpleasant processes of creating Apple merchandise, highlighting the uglier side of electronics production. Players of the app can take of the role of an employee […]