End of Ping a necessary sacrifice for Apple

We are all aware of Apple’s flawless track record when it comes to creating new gadgets. Their web services, however, have not fared quite so well. Now, with the demise of the company’s social media experiment, Ping, Apple is finally acknowledging its own deficiencies. In choosing to integrate with preexisting social networks Facebook and Twitter […]

Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music deliver another hit

ince its 2004 founding, G.O.O.D. Music has been considered one of the industry’s most top labels, and its highly anticipated compilation album Cruel Summer, released Tuesday, did not disappoint. Ringleader Kanye West and his fellow rap and hip-hop impresarios have put together a quality album in a time when no other labels are showing this type of team connectivity.

Google Play could be competition for Apple

Recently Google replaced its old Android Market with the shiny new Google Play. Whereas the old Android Market was centered (obviously) on Android phones, Google Play sits dead-center on the Google toolbar used by PCs and smartphones alike. The service offers music, movies, books and games in one online marketplace. While obviously somewhat aping iTunes, Google […]

Despite underwhelming support, Google Music Beta released today

Today, Google is expected to announce the release of downloads to its Music Beta streaming service at an event in Los Angeles. The only problem: Many major record labels are not yet on board. Universal Music Group is scheduled to complete its contract with the online superpower today, so expect to see your favorite Universal […]

Google + to launch MP3 store

While 60 percent of record sales are still based on CD sales, the digital market is definitely the place to go for the current collegiate generation. With services like Apples iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 Store, buying music has never been easier. At the same time, illegally downloading music could be just as easy, if not […]

Willie Nelson, Chipotle collaborate for environmental ad

Every so often a motion picture, video short or ad campaign successfully combines audio and visual to create an awe-inspiring product. Chipotle has recently been added to that list of successful endeavors. The franchise, collaborating with Willie Nelson, has released a two-minute advertisement supporting sustainable farming in today’s agribusiness world. While the environmental message comes […]