Male- dominated films need rewrites

For years, I have told anybody who would listen that my dream would be to turn the Ocean’s trilogy series — all notoriously male-driven films- — into films comprised of solely women. This isn’t to say that I have problems with the original series. On the contrary, the Steven Soderbergh 2001 reboot is one of […]

Singer scandal shouldn’t affect X-Men box office

When it was first announced that director Bryan Singer would be returning to the X-Men franchise to helm an adaptation of Chris Claremont’s classic “Days of Future Past” storyline, fans began salivating over the prospect of a film with the adamantium-bonded gonads to bridge the decades-spanning continuity divide between Singer’s first two films — let’s […]

Prolonged series should focus on creativity, not profit

Twenty-three films, six faces and countless martinis (shaken not stirred) to its name: James Bond stands, without a doubt, the most iconic film legacy of our time. The series has crossed generations, spanning a whopping 50 years. But it wasn’t always the cultural staple that it is today. A good film series needs time to […]