Byrne and Reznor discuss music industry at the Aratani

On Sunday evening, music lovers gathered at the Aratani/Japan America Theater in Little Tokyo to hear two legendary musicians discuss the troubled music industry. David Byrne, who is best known as the co-founder of the legendary avant-garde group Talking Heads, and Trent Reznor, the sole member of multi-platinum act Nine Inch Nails, joined USC’s very […]

Fresh, dynamic class options are needed

In high school, a misconceived picture of college is painted: a utopia that is not only free of parental supervision, but one where students can also explore their interests by taking whatever classes they want. I transferred to USC my junior year, but at neither at NYU nor USC did I ever feel like I […]

On the record

Hip-hop DJ J. Period tells students how he broke into the business as part of an Annenberg-hosted conversation with professor of communication and journalism Josh Kun. J. Period has collaborated with artists including John Legend, Nas, The Roots and Mary J. Blige.