Solidarity, not silence, needed to combat hatred

Since Donald Trump’s election Tuesday, demonstrations and protests have been sustained throughout Los Angeles. Thousands, including USC students, have marched to City Hall, filled the lawn of MacArthur Park and even poured into streets and freeways. Throughout the city, the cries are familiar —”Not my president!” resounds from Trousdale Parkway to Main Street. Social media […]

We must restore the Voting Rights Act

The presidential election is tomorrow — a momentous day sure to be filled with excitement and anxiety across the political spectrum. Tomorrow might be the day that the United States elects its first female president. Though this question will remain unanswered until Tuesday night, there is one thing we know that is regrettably certain; the […]

Violent media fuels negativity

As the presidential election closes in, the barrage of news detailing the newest scandal becomes all the more rapid. What begins as a scan of your Facebook newsfeed or a few clicks on your favorite website unravels into an inexorable descent. After several minutes or several hours, we finally breach the surface, gasping for air, […]

Demand more from online news

The line between news and entertainment has become increasingly obscured. The proliferation of media technology in the last 20 years has precipitated a veritable revolution in the ways the news is presented. Mobile phones and dot-com addresses have replaced the printed newspaper and television. These contemporary platforms have foregone the seemingly antiquated structures of the […]

Ballot voting can protect human rights

Come Nov. 8, California voters will not only have the opportunity to voice their choice for the president of the United States, but also to influence state legislation. There are 17 measures in total on the ballot in California — each promising something different. Given the barrage of political commentary surrounding the presidential race, these […]

Trump apologists no longer have an excuse

Where is the proverbial breaking point for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump supporters? A 2005 video showing Donald Trump speaking to television personality Billy Bush about non-consensual kissing and grabbing women’s genitals has dominated the news cycle since the video’s release Friday. The “locker-room banter” between the two men should come as no surprise to […]

Reevaluate strategies of digital surveillance

Edward Snowden — the National Security Agency subcontractor who in 2013 leaked classified information about NSA surveillance activities — has reemerged as a central talking point in national news. His ascendance back into the news cycle coincides with the release of the film Snowden and a recent campaign by human rights groups urging President Barack […]