POINT: New ‘dorms for grownups’ address millennial need for companionship

On move-in day at the beginning of every fall semester, thousands of wide-eyed freshmen, armed with over-packed boxes and anxious parents, begin the complicated process of living with roommates in dorms or suites. The living space allows students new to the University to gain some independence while fostering social interaction, and resident assistants help them […]

COLUMN: Coddled college student narrative is unproductive

The journalistic pieces that decry the slow death of free speech at the hands of liberal universities show a peculiar trend of employing liberal rhetoric to do so. A recent piece for The Atlantic invokes the authority of various respected feminists and feminist organizations to illustrate how federal sexual harassment policies impede academic freedoms. This […]

COLUMN: Students’ first jobs don’t have to be the perfect fit

It’s not uncommon for a college senior to be asked, “What are you doing after graduation?” But the answer isn’t always clear — especially for liberal arts majors. There are so many options: Go to graduate school, get an entry-level job, go to Europe to “find yourself” — the list goes on and on. Like […]

Gamification changes approach to software

No one, not even the late Steve Jobs, can say that they know everything about technology. Jobs might have come the closest to possessing knowledge about all things tech, but even he did not know every single programming language nor every startup in Silicon Valley. As a college student, tech is unavoidable. Apps such as […]