St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the Oklahoma native’s fourth album under her stage name. In the self-titled LP, she weaves together multiple genres.

Yoshiki Announces Solo World Tour at GRAMMY Museum

Multi-talented Japanese musician Yoshiki Hayashi sparked renewed interest in classical music during his second visit to the GRAMMY Museum Wednesday night. The momentous occasion was hosted by Stan Lee and Marc Geiger, both collaborative partners and longtime friends of Yoshiki. As the GRAMMY Museum unveiled their newest addition to their expanding exhibit, die-hard fans nearly […]

Rising star Frak navigates college life with substance and style

“Date With a Feminist” isn’t exactly a stereotypical title for a rap song, but Frak isn’t exactly a stereotypical rapper. When he’s not rapping or making beats, the twenty-year old Pitzer College sophomore is debating sociological issues with friends or in class, studying creative writing and media studies. Over the last few years, Frak, also […]

Drake and Stromae: In a time of international unity, how similar are we?

The Olympics are often seen as a time of international unity, when countries can set aside their differences in order to celebrate humanity’s greatest athletic achievements. Unfortunately, the Olympics just as often evoke both blatant and subtle forms of political posturing that highlight cultural differences rather than commonalities. In the buildup to and commencement of […]

Music’s new over-Lordes and innovators

In 2013, the world’s biggest artists created an unexpected amount of innovative, provocative music, often forsaking tried and true formulas. It seems this innovation race is being propelled from the bottom, largely by an extremely talented new crop of female singers. This group has been able to take hold at a time when the most […]

Traveler’s Tracks: Back to School

Rini Sampath is back with Traveler’s Tracks, starting off the new school semester with a playlist of upbeat songs including tracks from The Black Keys, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and many more. Rini Sampath is a sophomore majoring in international relations. Her podcast “Traveler’s Tracks” runs every Tuesday.