Contemporary artists embrace earlier sounds

Things are starting to get hectic here on campus as the semester begins to wind down. Last-minute assignments and studying for finals are taking up everybody’s time, and it feels like someone is shafting us by stealing hours out of the day when no one’s looking. In this semester’s coda, most of us are just […]

Artists expand sounds with epic, lush tracks

A good song is like a good book — both are able to transport you to a totally awesome world of wonder and impossibility … at least for a few minutes. The best songs are the ones in which you can actually feel the energy, the mystery or the fun of what the artist is […]

Artists travel down new roads this week

Even though bands create their images based on a certain sound or by conquering a particular genre, it’s always good to shake things up a bit. Experimenting with different music styles is always a risky endeavor, though, since no one — neither the band nor the audience — truly knows how the experiment will turn […]

This week’s music “tracks” where inspiration comes from

Influence is a curious phenomenon that takes form in so many different ways in music. It’s impossible to say that there is even one song in music history that has had no influence whatsoever. And even if a band was pioneering in its genre style or musical sound, the fact is that people, as individuals, […]