Should the presidential candidates focus on military policy?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave a foreign policy speech Monday at the Virginia Military Institute — an appropriate setting for a speech focused on war. Romney touched on many foreign policy issues, including the Syrian conflict, Iran’s potential acquisition of nuclear weapons, relations with Israel and the United States’ overall role in the Middle […]

USC creates ‘virtual humans’ for navy training

USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) is providing the US Navy with virtual humans for use at its training center in Newport, RI. The technology mimics real human emotions and act as training aids to help the students learn to deal with the complex real-life emotional problems. According to monthly tech magazine Campus Technology, USC cited […]

War technologies need safety checks

Students who attended the TEDxUSC conference in Bovard Auditorium on Tuesday learned about the power of new technologies and the power of innovation. Technology influences every aspect of our society — especially the way we conduct war. But we need to keep careful watch over that technology to make sure it doesn’t become dangerous and […]