Rutgers’ Hermann sets poor example

Last week, the Star-Ledger laid off 167 of its employees, including 25 percent of its newsroom staff. Company officials say the newspaper is on track to bleed $19 million this year, losses that publisher Richard Vezza said can’t continue if the largest circulated paper in New Jersey is to survive. Don’t expect Rutgers athletic director […]

Point/Counterpoint: Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012

Elena Kadvany: Point In 1972, the political term “October surprise” was coined. Twelve days before the presidential election between former president Richard Nixon and then-Sen. George McGovern, then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger announced that “peace was at hand” in Vietnam, changing the game on a crucial election issue that might have swayed many voters’ decisions […]

Rosario update

Sources close to USC basketball say they never had any contact with Mike Rosario.