Modern romance books lack heart

The romance genre currently faces a bit of a conundrum. Mass-market paperbacks offer readers “sweeping tales of love,” but their covers often flaunt top-heavy women curled up on four-poster beds. Colorful hardbacks boast moonlit silhouettes of shirtless men crouching in bedroom windows but still promise “genuine romance.” This, scream the Fabio-inspired illustrations, is the 21st-century […]

Haute Highlights

Downtown Long Beach Cheese Week Jan. 21 – Jan. 27 At participating Downtown Long Beach restaurants Cheese is a food that people typically really love or really hate­ — but during Cheese Week in Long Beach, people from all over come together to indulge in and celebrate cheese, be it crumbly, melty or stinky. Restaurants […]

New Nicholas Sparks adaptation is almost touching

Nicholas Sparks’ novels are formulaic, simple and cheesy, but girls love them. Adaptations of Sparks’ novels have the potential to be transformed for the screen into an epic love story, like The Notebook, but they can just as easily fizzle out into Razzy-worthy trainwrecks. The movie version of The Last Song was a giant “almost” […]