Letter to the editor

Reforms to NCLB are autocratic Elena Kadvany’s Oct. 3 letter (“Reforms to No Child Left Behind are positive”) contained a reasonable critique of the failed No Child Left Behind policy. Calling standardized test scores “antiquated” and “very harmful,” however, was too radical, given the continuing success of AP courses and the undeniable value of objective […]

Reforms to No Child Left Behind are positive

President Barack Obama visited the students of Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington D.C. last Wednesday to deliver his annual back-to-school speech, with one definitive message: Keep going to school. Don’t just finish high school; go to college. And once you’re there, graduate and get a college degree. This speech closely paralleled the goal […]

Obama eliminates No Child Left Behind

The Obama administration this week announced its plan to relieve states from the difficult plans outlined in the Bush-era “No Child Left Behind” law. Calling it an admirable but flawed system, Obama’s plan to eliminate NCLB will nonetheless keep its basic features in effect. NCLB is designed to assess the success and quality of school […]

Bush’s book has creative perspective

Presidential memoirs are regarded as a premier source of insight into the inner workings of government, and former President George W. Bush’s new book, Decision Points, effectively provides that insight. The book describes relationships between members of the administration, gives the President’s take on a number of important issues and illuminates the way our former […]

Lax welfare system leaves children behind

Children are forever in the news. Whether for their preternatural ability to say the darndest things under the gauze of anesthetic, or the fact that they keep popping out in record numbers (Octomom and Kate Gosselin look to be the most popular Halloween costumes this year), kid stories constantly pepper the news. But with all […]