Fantasy baseball draft: Week three review

With three weeks on the books, the 2014 MLB season is starting to settle into a groove, players are getting comfortable with their new teams, and the Houston Astros are still historically bad. Fantasy owners, on the other hand, are starting to realize what their team needs and are looking to give their roster a […]

Fantasy baseball draft: Rounding out the team

With every Major League Baseball team but the Dodgers and Diamondbacks kicking off their season on March 30 and last minute Fantasy Drafts coming even earlier, round out your picks for corner infielders and middle infielders, with some of the best sleepers in the remaining positions. Left Field  Of all the outfield spots, and really any […]

Fantasy baseball draft: Top sleepers of the middle infield

Now that you’ve got your first and third basemen lined up after last week’s discussion of corner infielders, we’ll continue with the heart of the defense: the second basemen and shortstops.  Second Basemen The crop of second basemen this year, as usual, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of depth.  This season, however, […]