Preparing for Cinco de Mayo

Congratulations on enduring the last week of classes, Trojans. I can honestly say that this semester has been one for the books, but it is not over yet because we have two weeks of finals and then comes summer vacation. Since this is my last column of the semester, I want to leave you with […]

A Guide to an alternative Los Angeles

Freshmen get an intensive one-week education on USC and the surrounding community as a part of their orientation to campus. But unfortunately for students, there’s no Welcome Week for Los Angeles. Many of us only know Los Angeles as it is portrayed in pop culture, and even within that realm there is such a diversity […]

Mole brings LA families and cultures together

There’s probably no Mexican dish more gorgeous and historically rich than mole (pronounced “mo-lay”). The dish looks like muddy gravy but packs a scrumptious array of flavors. It’s a complex paste of miscellaneous earthy ingredients that takes a day to make. Rich in flavor and folklore, mole is a complicated dish because of the sheer […]

Summer lovin’

Keep your summer tryst fresh and explore romantic spots that can be found only in Los Angeles with these exciting date ideas.