Road environment to test young USC squad

So far it’s been a familiar setting for USC: “Tribute to Troy” blaring over the loudspeakers, the fourth-quarter torch lighting and Traveler prancing down the Coliseum sidelines. That changes Saturday, however, when the Trojans head to Tempe, Ariz., to take on Arizona State in their first road game of the season. It’s often hard to […]

Ambiguity of football program might help

If you tried wrapping your head around USC’s football team this season, chances are you’d find yourself wanting to know more. Because of the ever-vigilant eye of the sports media and its constant barrage of prediction and analysis, it’s become a real challenge for a program of USC’s stature to sneak up on anyone. Still, […]

Cheating pervasive in college athletics

When I heard Oregon had paid scout Will Lyles $25,000 for recruiting services, I wasn’t even surprised. Whether within the rules or not, the Oregon situation is a stark reminder that the mechanism of college recruiting is corrupt at multiple levels.