Festival goers misappropriate culture

Weekend one of Coachella has come and gone, and by the time this column goes to print, weekend two will well be on its way. If you’re reading this column now and are planning on going to Coachella, leave. Parking is a b–ch. Aside from parking (it literally took as much time driving from Los […]

Letter to the editor

USC should rethink its unrealistic parking rules.  Have you ever gotten a parking ticket at USC? Or better yet, received more parking tickets from USC than from the Los Angeles Police Department? The USC parking enforcement regulations should be revised according to state law. When the parking enforcement at a college campus is stricter than […]

Letters to the editor

No need for tabloid coverage I am a frequent reader and admirer of Daily Trojan news coverage. Daily Trojan news stories— for example, the recent feature on USC’s new fundraising campaign and the article on Cindy McCain’s involvement with the Rossier School of Education — often focus on subjects important to the USC community. The […]