I Believe Not Being Invested in Politics Is Okay

Maybe it is because my mom is a Republican and my dad is a Democrat, but I have never been someone who has had a definite standpoint on politics. Yes, I think that public policy is important and it is important that the government protects the rights of its people; however, I have never been […]

Social justice can exist beside national unity

As urban Affairs Counselor Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote to President Richard Nixon in 1968, “Tory men and Whig measures are what changed the world.” The quote, of course, refers to the two competing political temperaments that have defined Anglo-American politics since the Tudors, Shakespeare and the Anglo colonization of North America: Whiggery and Toryism. For […]

Net neutrality should be protected at all costs

Net neutrality is under attack in the United States. If you don’t know what net neutrality is, or why you should care, answer the following question: Why are you reading this? You might think, “Because I clicked on the link,” or “Because the headline looked interesting.” All the above are reasons you want to read […]