How to stay informed about the 2016 presidential candidates

All college students should strive to be informed about news on all the 2016 presidential candidates. Knowing the candidates and understanding their campaigns generates voters who can make informed decisions. However, this objective information can be difficult for college students to access. Social media sites and applications are powerful sources in providing news on the […]

Hillary Clinton could aid businesswomen

A Quinnipiac poll issued last week found that in a potential 2016 presidential matchup former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would crush former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by 51-40 percent, a particularly shocking finding since Clinton is not currently a candidate for the 2016 election and because Florida is known as a generally conservative state. […]

Media must avoid sensationalism

As news outlets started calling the election for President Barack Obama on Tuesday night, I couldn’t help feeling like we could have called it a long time ago. Even if Republican Mitt Romney hadn’t had such a clumsy campaign, it’s become increasingly rare for an incumbent president to lose, especially an unchallenged one. And Obama […]

Artists should turn to history for inspiration

The outcome of the presidential election not only decides the new leader of the country, but also the course of events for the next four years. Each time a new president steps into office, they assume responsibility for decisions that could affect the country far beyond their term. By opening an American history textbook, citizens […]