USC joins new biotech college alliance

USC has joined the Alliance for Southern California Innovation, a non-profit collaboration between universities, research institutes and businesses to expand the biotech entrepreneurial space of the Southern California region. Steve Poizner, a serial tech entrepreneur and former California insurance commissioner, is leading the alliance, with plans to grow the region’s start-ups to the level of […]

The value of a degree in the humanities

“What are you going to do with an English major?” “English major? I haven’t heard that one in a while.” “Wow, an English major. That’s a bold choice.” Any student who is “bold” enough to choose to major in the English language knows the trials and tribulations that these quotes encapsulate. These are the struggles […]

Letters to the editor

Response to Jordan Lee   Jordan Lee, in her recent Daily Trojan column “Science and faith are not exclusive” (4/13/11), contributes to what she describes as “the false dilemma — faith in religion or faith in science.” She quotes a recent speaker, Dr. Peter Atkins, as saying that “a scientist who believes in God is […]

Modern science tries to grow meat

Meat has always been a straightforward means of sustenance. In fact, little has changed since those good ol’ caveman days, when crude-but-effective spears fashioned out of nothing more than a sturdy hardwood log and sharpened flint were used to bring down buffalo, goat or other animals of choice. Nowadays, we raise the animals in sheds. […]

Animal testing one of many options

Although the idea of consuming animals for gustatory pleasure disgusts many of us, including non-vegetarians, most have grown up eating meat, conditioned to ignore the fact that between those two buns lies a sizzling chunk of cow corpse. Invasive biomedical animal research, however, is not something we witness or participate in daily, so it’s a […]

Scientific pursuits should not be feared

When I was little, I dribbled a fistful of soil into my mouth out of curiosity about its flavor. The yearning to learn the characteristics of our world is widespread. To some, the compulsion manifests itself in odd ways, but seekers of truth are a common species, curious always about everything: the origins of the […]