Panelists speak on the piracy of adult films

On Wednesday night, the School of Cinematic Arts in conjunction with Wicked Pictures and Takedown Piracy hosted a panel called “The Piracy of Sex: A Conversation with Jessica Drake and Nate Glass,” hosted by David Lerner, an adjunct faculty at SCA. Jessica Drake is a sex educator and performer, writer and director for Wicked Pictures, […]

Tips help couples improve relations

The feedback that I’ve had on my column has been mostly positive, which is heartwarming, but I’ve realized that I have spent the bulk of the last few weeks writing for the singleton looking for love, sex and everything in between. I in no way regret this decision, and as a singleton myself I think […]

Virginity adapts to the 21st century

When The Learning Channel began airing episodes for its new show Virgin Diaries, I — like many others — sat agape. Who knew that people like “Skip,” the overweight close-to-middle-aged virgin who lived in his mother’s basement and collected his belly button lint — seriously, he has jars of the stuff — still existed? Perhaps […]

Parental talks prove awkward but crucial

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most children don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex. Sure, there are those lucky few who have a liberal relationship with their cool, hip parents. But most of the time you either keep details about your sex life to yourself or only […]

Sexual freedom still maintains gender bias

On Aug. 13, Helen Gurley Brown — legendary editor of the so-called women’s bible Cosmopolitan Magazine — died at the age of 90. To be honest, I had never heard of Mrs. Brown — and I’m sure that many people are in the same boat. But it’s almost impossible to ignore the impact that she […]

Navigating one-night stands proves tricky

Perhaps you’re already an expert at navigating the tumultuous waters of the one-night stand — if that’s the case, congratulations. But most Trojans aren’t quite sure about the best way to handle rolling over and finding someone they don’t remember meeting from the night before. Don’t worry, though: A simple set of suggestions can help […]

Roommate struggles require crafty solutions

There once was a female USC freshman who slept soundly in her dorm room. All of a sudden, she heard a rustle. She assumed it was just her roommate coming in late, as she usually does, getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, this freshman was about to find out that her roommate was getting ready for […]

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Highlights

Panelists largely drawn from USC’s faculty will consider the role of queer culture, art and activism in the City of Angels. Moderated by English and gender studies professor Chris Freeman, the panelists plan to cover the years from 1950 to the present, a groundbreaking period for the LGBTQ community, by any measure.

For birth control, look past the pill

College-aged women today have to make many choices. Deciding how to prevent pregnancy is just one of them. Many women choose to remain abstinent or use condoms alone. Women who decide to seek a birth control prescription have another choice to make: Which option is best? The most popular method used by women in their […]

Condom conundrums have simple solutions

Male condoms, like penises, come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are longer, shorter, wider or thinner. So why do condoms have a bad “wrap?” We’ve all heard the excuses: They’re annoying, uncomfortable, expensive and even unnecessary when coupled with oral contraceptives. In a study of college women from a Southern Californian university, “Negative […]