Suspended USC football player appears in court

Osa Masina, the sophomore linebacker suspended from USC in the midst of an investigation into sexual assault charges, made his first court appearance in Utah Friday and was ordered not to contact the alleged victim, according to the Associated Press. Neither he nor his lawyer objected to the order. Masina appeared with his lawyer, mother […]

COUNTERPOINT: Federal investigations finally put pressure on colleges to reform sexual assault policy

As colleges across the country, under increasing federal and public pressure, have begun to increase enforcement for sexual assault policy, some have questioned whether federal intervention is a net positive, given the red tape, strict requirements and harsh punishments it entails. But using federal investigations as a reason to pump the brakes on sexual assault […]

POINT: Campuses, not the government, should be in charge of sexual assault

One in five women will experience sexual assault at some point in her college career, most during their freshman or sophomore years. And as sexual assault becomes one of the most rapidly growing crimes in America and universities repeatedly show ambivalence toward rape victims, the national government has become involved. However, given the lack of […]