‘Spider-Man’ should dominate weekend box office

In today’s society there is one thing that is clear: Marvel dominates the superhero genre. Although The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not from Disney and Marvel Studios, it is still a huge blockbuster that should dominate the weekend. This weekend also features Walk of Shame, starring Elizabeth Banks, but the box office should belong to […]

Haute Highlights

Eat Your Art Out V Titmouse, Inc. Saturday Feb. 25, 7-11 p.m. Roller derby and a 1920s carnival — enough said. This thrilling combo will become your reality should you choose to attend the Angel City Derby Girls’ Eat Your Art Out V, an annual art showcase and auction to raise money to host derby […]

Extensive series limit reader opportunities

I often hear from non-comic book readers that they don’t read comics not out of a lack of interest, but out of intimidation over where to begin. This complaint isn’t completely unwarranted. Narrative arcs within various series can be complex and many people don’t want to just jump into the middle of a story. After all, […]