Spotify adapts to users’ taste

My name is Daniel, and I’m a Spotify addict. I actually have been for quite some time, so perhaps it would be more accurate at this point to call me a Spotify abuser. I love Spotify. Typically, a session starts with an artist I know, say The Tallest Man on Earth. When I’m ready to […]

Songs should be listened to legally

We’re going to take a little break from the traditional weekly playlists to explore an important topic: music purchases. Back in my middle school days, when I filled my iTunes library with numerous Fall Out Boy singles, the concept of paying for online music simply did not exist. Why in the world would I do […]

End of Ping a necessary sacrifice for Apple

We are all aware of Apple’s flawless track record when it comes to creating new gadgets. Their web services, however, have not fared quite so well. Now, with the demise of the company’s social media experiment, Ping, Apple is finally acknowledging its own deficiencies. In choosing to integrate with preexisting social networks Facebook and Twitter […]

President Obama takes to Spotify to share “favorite” music

President Barack Obama released a 28 track Spotify playlist this past Thursday profiling some of his favorite music. While it is quite obvious that his staff handpicked each track, it is certainly notable to watch the Commander in Chief embrace some of today’s online media platforms. In addition to the Spotify playlist, Obama announced the […]

Spotify and Facebook: invasive or innovative?

If you don’t have it already, you’ve sure seen others using it on your Facebook feed. Spotify has officially burst onto the scene in the United States thanks to a little help from the biggest social networking site on the planet. Just a few weeks ago, you had to be somebody special to use Spotify, […]

U.S. record labels need to see benefits of digital streaming

The music world’s battle with digital streaming and illegal downloading rages on, but one of the newest computer programs shows the problem to be most prevalent in the United States. Spotify is a computer program that allows completely legal and ad-supported streaming of a wide variety of music. It’s somewhat akin to the original Napster, […]