St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the Oklahoma native’s fourth album under her stage name. In the self-titled LP, she weaves together multiple genres.

Four different songs for the Easter season

On Easter this last Sunday, if you’re Christian, you might have marked the occasion with traditional choral music. Or if you’re especially unorthodox, perhaps you listened to some Christian Rock. Here, in honor of the recent holiday, are four great songs about Jesus that you will never hear on Easter. Sufjan Stevens—”The Transfiguration“ Sufjan Stevens’ […]

St. Vincent stays strong with Strange Mercy

Annie Erin Clark has been busy lately. The 28-year-old has been getting her hands dirty in alternative music since graduating Berklee College of Music in 2003. After developing her stage moniker, St. Vincent, and blasting to new heights with her twisted pop records, she has been enjoying the fruits of touring (opening for Arcade Fire […]