Stanford football has been on the rise

For anyone looking for some interesting reading material on the five-hour drive up for the Weekender, the Stanford Daily has published quite the football story. Though Trojan die-hards would have to swallow their pride a little bit to get through it, it nonetheless provides some great context on the rivalry before going into this weekend’s […]

Time for “Stanfurd” to lose this rivalry

I’ve been consumed. For exactly seven days now, ever since the clock hit triple-zeros in Palo Alto last Thursday to solidify Stanford’s “upset” win over Oregon, I have obsessed over one single thought. I’ve been so gripped by it that I can’t concentrate in class. I watch TV, but my mind drifts back to it. […]

Spotlight returns at right time for USC

With all that’s happened around the USC football program in the past year and a half, it’s at once surprising and to be expected that ESPN’s College GameDay is yet again coming to Los Angeles this Saturday when the Trojans take on Stanford in what will undoubtedly be the biggest game of the season. The […]