Box office preview: Sparse new releases over Super Bowl weekend

It’s the time of year where new releases are few and far between. Awards season has saturated the box office with Oscar nominees and critically acclaimed films. Movies like Frozen, American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street have accumulated large audiences over the past few weeks. In stark contrast to last weekend’s release of […]

Kennard takes home honor after strong performance

USC senior defensive end Devon Kennard was named the Lott IMPACT Player of the Week on Monday for his outstanding play in the team’s 30-13 victory over Hawai’i to open the 2013 season. In a game that the Trojan defense dominated, Kennard recorded three tackles, including two tackles for loss and one sack, two pass […]

Superbowl commericals mean big bucks

The day after the Super Bowl, most people are spending more time discussing Beyoncé’s latest exhibition of vocal magnificence than the Baltimore Ravens’ well-deserved win. Yet the most interesting thing about this year’s Super Bowl has less to do with the stadium-wide New Orleans power shortage and more to do with the entertainment in between […]

Live shows demand reversion to basics

If people are enjoying live performances nowadays, it might be for all the wrong reasons. Somewhere along the line, live performances have become more about theatrics than about vocal talent. In other words, what gets people talking now is cool dancing and light shows. It is, however, worth noting that lights, pyrotechnics and dancing are […]

Super Bowl commercials: The good and the bad

Every Super Bowl party has one: that guy who’s “only there for the commercials.” And probably free beer and nachos. But that guy’s got a point – companies pull out all the stops for Super Bowl Sunday, to convince a massive crowd of roaring sports fans that they need a brand new Chevy or 6-pack […]