Campus chatbot reveals latest updates, functions

As the fall semester kicks off, Tommy Bot, the University’s first campus chatbot, is updated and ready for use by the USC community. Developed by sophomores Mimi Tran Zambetti and Justin He, alongside juniors Samuel Breck and Will Durkee, Tommy Bot’s beta version was launched in Spring 2017 as a project in LavaLab, a startup […]

USC joins new biotech college alliance

USC has joined the Alliance for Southern California Innovation, a non-profit collaboration between universities, research institutes and businesses to expand the biotech entrepreneurial space of the Southern California region. Steve Poizner, a serial tech entrepreneur and former California insurance commissioner, is leading the alliance, with plans to grow the region’s start-ups to the level of […]

COLUMN: Love can be expressed differently

My parents rarely said “I love you” to each other — or even to me, their only child. Even now, when those three seemingly holy words slip out of my mouth, they sound foreign, strange and unsure. From a young age, I was never taught the word “love” — rather, I experienced it through actions, […]

COLUMN: Identity shapes identity politics

My dad and I are very similar — both in personality and physical traits. We both enjoy long car rides with rolled down windows, the Sunday morning Beatles’ radio tunes, authentic Mexican food and spontaneous travels. We even share the same almond eye shape and the quirky sense of humor that makes my mother cringe. […]

COLUMN: Average girls need body positivity too

In recent years, curvy body types have become overwhelmingly glorified, hypersexualized and ultimately, the hashtag-goals physique of Western entertainment. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun,” the “thick thighs save lives” mantra and the body-positive phenomenon that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes have arguably reshaped our cultural body standards […]